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Photos, Videos and Audios

:plugger is the fastest and easiest way to send photos and videos from your Claro

Send a SMS to 9798 and keep all your friends updated in one single step! One SMS message to 9798 updates all your connected social networks at once.

How can I upload pictures from the :plugger site?

From your HOME page, click on the "+Share picture or videos" button located near the top of the page. You will be directed to a page from which you can select a file and upload it to :plugger.

What type of content can I upload to :plugger?

Using :plugger you can upload various type of content depending on the social networks that are connected Facebook (images and videos), Twitter (images and videos), Picasa Web Albums (images), YouTube (videos)

I have erased a picture by mistake, how can I get it back?

Unfortunately, once you delete a picture, it is definitely removed from :plugger. It is not possible yet to retrieve deleted content.

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